Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 16, 17 & 18, 2007 - Nor'Easter's Last Laugh

Monday: Morning was a real treat. Despite continuing heavy rain from the Nor’Easter (8.5 inches total in Central Park), the crew decided to film outside a coffee shop. So, everybody arrived, set-up, got the cast wired. Then, after standing in the rain for an hour, getting soaked, somebody decided the downpours and wind were prohibitive to filming, and canceled that shot.

We spent the rest of the day on the soundstages, drying off and shooting in the Squadroom. The coffee shop scene was moved to a restaurant within Chelsea Piers (where the PAs had to fight off an ungodly number of gawkers).

Tuesday: We were back in the Bronx, again. Except, this time, the location wasn’t quite as nice. It was in a somewhat downtrodden neighborhood on top of the train tracks. And, by train, I mean the subway train. In this area of the Bronx, the subway is actually above ground, the tracks hovering thirty feet above the road. Every five minutes, a train would come rumbling by. I wonder how anybody can stand living next to that?

Wednesday: The crew filmed in the East Village, at a park and bar. As far as breakfast goes, they made the unfortunate decision to have their catering truck serve food on the corner where local homeless are fed through charitable causes. Catering asked me to turn them away, which I felt bad about, but had to comply. Some of them were hungry and just looking for scraps of food. One man even rummaged through the garbage bin. Others, weren’t so nice (the drug addicts suffering from withdrawal). From what I understand, one person even spat on the cook.

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