Saturday, April 7, 2007

April 6, 2007 - Downtown & Ground Zero

I slumbered until noon, but decided to go out on the town today. The temperatures hovered in the mid-40’s, but it wasn’t incredibly cold. After stopping by the Malibu Diner for breakfast, I took the 1 train downtown to Rector Street. My original plan was to go north to visit Ground Zero, but I got turned around and ended-up in Battery Park. I’m glad I did, because it afforded some beautiful views of the Financial District, Jersey, and the Statue of Liberty. I bought a framed print of the Manhattan skyline, while walking around the park. Going along the park’s boardwalk, some tourists had me take their picture.

The nice thing about Manhattan is that it’s impossible to get lost, so long as you have a general sense of where you are. I may have been temporarily diverted, but I had all day to explore downtown. I walked north to Ground Zero, walking around and snapping pictures. I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, recalling the events of September 11th, but I felt I should visit while in Manhattan. The property line encompasses a tremendous area over several city blocks. It’s hard to imagine the towers looming over the street-line.

Across the street at St. Paul’s Chapel, I snapped some beautiful pictures of a man feeding a squirrel. It was cute. The little critter came right up to his hand. I ended my journey going north and viewing the exterior of the U.S. Courthouse, the entrance the Brooklyn Bridge, and City Hall. I also stopped at the Borders at 100 Broadway, where I found an illustrated aerial map of Manhattan, something I’d been searching for since I came to the city.

For something unreal, check out this link. It’s the Chelsea Piers soundstages pre-Criminal Intent. On 9/11 they were used to set-up a makeshift hospital.

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DonnaJo said...

I'm really enjoying your diary of your experience in NYC. I currently live on Long Island, Have you been?

I haven't seen Ground Zero for several years. When I did, words can't describe the feeling. Especially since I remember how massive the Towers were.

Anyway, keep posting.

Take care,

Amey said...

Aren't you glad you got turned around? Downtown is my favorite part of the city!


Shadow said...

Love all your pictures Jason, and your slide show. I will be checking in regularly to see how you are doing. I thionk you have the envy of many people who would love to be in your shoes....

Keep up the posting....