Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reflections, Part One

The first part in a series looking back on my internship.

Regarding my favorite department:
I loved them all! I can't choose just one. I have to say Art was the biggest surprise, mainly because everybody there was so much fun. It's not what I want go into career-wise, but I truly enjoyed everybody's company. Production also caught me off guard. The hours were long, but there was never a dull moment. I think it forever changed my image of an office environment.

Working in the Writing Department was an awesome experience. My time there was mainly spent in observation, but it was a wonderful opportunity and an honor to watch Warren Leight at his craft. It was enlightening to witness him bouncing script ideas and revisions back and forth with the other writers. The fashion in which script structure is formed is fascinating. Warren keeps a storyboard in his office. He pins a note card with a synopsis of each scene on the cork board, in order that they can be easily moved around as the story changes/evolves.

The set was a great place to be. As my career aspirations lie with acting and scriptwriting, I'd been looking forward to my time with this department since the onset. Unlike Writing, there was more work and hours involved, less observation. However, I did get to view several scenes being shot. Watching the process only further reinforced my desire to be in the industry.


VDOVault said...

Check this out Jason

Hollywood Reporter article on NYC PA Program

How come you didn't get interviewed?

The Vault

Shadow said...

I really loved reading and looking at your fabulous pictures Jason. This was a very interesting blog, as it was a great opportunity for you...

One question I have is, How was VDO to work with? Did you ever get a chance to interview him???Or did I miss something?

vpdzoo said...

Hey were is the next part?